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Our Mission

Waste picker on a pile of garbage

Protecting the environment from waste pollution by empowering Safai Saathis

Safai Saathis are worldwide responsible for recycling more than 60% of plastics. They do more than anyone for the environment. Unfortunately, Safai Saathis, typically women, have to work in harmful conditions, live in poverty and are often exploited due to lack of education.

With Unnati we recognise Safai Saathis for their work in preventing waste pollution. Securing the livelihoods of Safai Saathis is our top priority, and we are deeply committed to providing them with safe and respectful working conditions.

Unnati Logo

Join Unnati in protecting the environment, transforming waste management and empowering Safai Saathis!

Unnati is a commercial waste management service driven by a deep commitment to protect the environment from waste pollution. By employing and empowering Safai Saathis we revolutionize the waste management system.

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Our work

We collect & protect

Starting from your plastic wrapper, all the way to the final stage of recycling.

We empower

Our entire organisation is entirely operated by Safai Saathis!

We inspire

We inspire people to be conscious about their waste disposal.

Our impact

43,075 kg
Waste Collected
3 Gram Panchayats
4 Safai Saathis
800+ Citizens
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Meet the people behind Unnati

Profile pic of Amrpali Dongre
I dream of providing the Unnati waste collection service to villages all over the region, so that no more waste is thrown into rivers and natural areas. I know the dream is big and difficult to achieve, but surely if we keep working in the right way, it will come true.
Amrpali Dongre
Team lead
Profile pic of Renuka Raikar
With the empowerment program of Unnati I learned to send e-mails, make appointments, collect data and drive the collection truck. We drive the trucks ourselves and go to the villages to collect the waste, teach villagers how to segregate and meet with the Gram Panchayats.
Renuka Raikar
Safai Saathi
Profile pic of Rohini Ghorpade
I was working as a waste picker. Recently my husband died so all the responsibilities are with me. I have five family members and my children are small. With Unnati I receive much better payment and I can provide for my family.
Rohini Ghorpade
Safai Saathi
Profile pic of Gauri Mirashi
With Unnati we want to integrate informal waste workers into formal systems. We want to acknowledge them for their hard work, provide them with fair employment opportunities and generate good livelihoods for their families.
Gauri Mirashi
CEO EcoSattva

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